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About Gold Accumulation Plans & Schemes

In India, there are currently various ways to invest and accumulate gold which includes physical gold bars, gold coins, jewellery, gold ETFS, gold fund of funds and gold futures. The majority of the demand is for physical gold, the market for which is highly unorganized. Moreover there has been a distinct increase in the demand for physical gold backed savings product in the last few years.

So as to assist in the development of a mature gold market in India, Reliance Money along with World Gold Council as its marketing associate has launched MY GOLD PLAN, which is a next generation Gold Savings Product. This revolutionary new plan lets customers buy gold conveniently in small amounts, based on a Daily Average Pricing Methodology. The plan makes gold accumulation transparent and straightforward, allowing customers to convert accumulated gold grams into coins or jewellery at multiple outlets across India.

Reliance My Gold Plan offers customers the unique opportunity to start accumulating physical gold using a daily average pricing methodology. A minimum subscription of Rs.1000 per month translates to accumulation of gold for as low as Rs. 50 per day.

R-MGP Gold Price (14-Jul-16)